1956 (AH 1376) Morocco 500 Francs

Ralph M. writes: I have a Morocco coin minted in 1956 and recalled about 6 months after it was issued. I have been unable to find out anything about the coin. Attached is a picture of the front and back of the coin, silver about 3.5 cm wide. Any info that you can supply would be greatly appreciated.


You have a AH 1376 (1956) Morocco 500 Francs. This was the first coin issued after France ended its administration of Morocco as a protectorate on March 2, 1956 (1921-1956).

The coin has the distinction of being the last Franc issue and the first issue of the independent Kingdom of Morocco.

Monetary reform followed where 100 francs= 1 Dirham and later, in 1974, the franc denomination was replaced by the Santim (100 santimat= 1 Dirham).

The coin features King Mohammed V facing left (1927 – 1962 Moslem Date AH1346 – 1381) , the reverse is in Arabic and English and features the Moroccan royal crest (star) with the dual dates 1956 1376.

About two million pieces were struck at the Paris Mint in .900 fine silver (.6511 of a troy ounce pure). Value depends on grade (condition). Approximate range: US $15-$30.