1793 Utrecht (Netherlands) Ducaton

Phillip writes: I have a coin dated 1793. It is not a US coin. On one side of the coin are the words Crescunt Concordith Res Parvae. Pictured is a large crest with a horse with a sword in the center of the crest. On the top of the crest is a crown with 2 stars in it. On the sides of the crown are 2 crowned horses standing vertical. On the other side of the coin are the words foe:belg.pro:trai and mo.no.arg:con, and a picture of a sworded man riding a horse above another crest with a crown on top of it. In this crest are 2 crosses on top left and lower right and 2 horses on top right and lower left. Could you please tell me the origin of this coin and its value if possible. Thank you.

Several of the coins of this period have similar designs and legends. The diameter and weight of the coin is important for identification. I’ll guess that you have a 1793 Utrecht (Netherlands) 1/2 or 1 Ducaton. These are large silver coins struck in .941 silver.

The coin features a rearing horse and rider holding a sword, a crowned shield is below. The abbreviated Latin legends around are: MO:NO:ARG: CONFOE:BELG:G:PRO:TRAI (New Silver Money of the Belgian Federation, county of Utrecht (United Netherlands)). The reverse shows two crowned lions with a crowned shield, lion and sword, between them. The legends around are, CONCORDIA RES PARVAE CRUSCUNT (by agreement (harmony) progress increases in small steps (rough translation) ).

Value of 1/2 or 1 Ducatons depend on their grade (condition). Approximate range: $15 -$200.