1777 Continental Currency $5 bill

Jennifer L. writes: I have inherited a coin collection from my father. I need to know where to start to evaluate this items. He has a 1777 $5.00 bill signed by A. J. Norris. He also has several proof silver dollars, 1889, 1886, 1803 and so on. I looked up most of these in the Red Book of coins. However, the 1777 paper money I can’t find. Please help. Thanks, Jennifer

The 1777 $5 note was part of the seventh issue of “Continental Currency” issued by the Continental Congress and was a failed attempt at creating a viable banking system. The $5 issue is dated May 20, 1777 and was printed by Hall & Sellers in Philadelphia. Values depend on grade (condition). Approximate range: US $10 – $600.

Your inheritance is worth quite a bit. Proof dollars are very rare and valuable especially the 1803 where only a handful of proofs exist. I suggest getting them graded and placing them in an appropriate auction. See the CoinSite Links page for third party grading services.