What’s the real value of my 1924 dime?

Kat R. writes: I have a dime and it has a lady on the front (1924). I know this is vague, but I found it in a very old paper wrapping in my bedroom. It is in pretty good condition, due to the wrapping, and two of the collectors that I’ve spoken to have tried to buy it from me for $3,000 and one for 5,500, so I am eager to know the actual value.. perhaps you could help?

Values of coins depend on rarity, condition and mint mark (a quality control device that states where the coin was struck. It is usually a letter). Mint marks on Winged Liberty (Mercury) dimes are near the rim at about 7:00 on the reverse (the side with the bundle of sticks (fasces)). Coins without mint marks were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. High grade pieces are worth more than worn pieces. The list below is approximately what you might pay for an example at your local coin dealer:

  • 1924 – Average circulated (VG – Fine) – $2. EF – about $10. MS63 – about $70.
  • 1924-S Average circulated (VG- Fine) – $3.50. EF – $60 – MS63 about $450.
  • 1924-D Average circulated (VG- Fine) – $3.50. EF – $50 – MS63 about $400.

Gem uncirculated examples with split bands on the diagonal bands that hold the bundle of sticks are worth more.

For an explanation of grading, see: U.S. Coin Grading