“Colonies Francaises” coins

Doreen writes: I have quarter-sized gold-colored coin w/ male head capped w/ olive wreath w/ words “Charles X roi De France on one side and leafy wreath encircling word “5 cent.” and around outside of wreath “1828 colonies francaises v”. Any information appreciated. Thank you.

Coins labeled “Colonies Francaises” were primarily for use in the French West Indies, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint-Dominque (Haiti). The coin shows the laureate head of King Charles X, the legend around is CHARLES X ROI DE FRANCE (Charles X King of France). The reverse show 5 CENT within a wreath COLONIES FRANCAISES around and the date, 1828 below. The mint mark “A” (Paris) is to the right of the date. (100 centimes=1 Franc).

The 5 centimes was struck in bronze. In 1828, 501,000 pieces were struck. Collector value depends on grade (condition). Value range: US$1 – $50.