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Silver Dollars dated 1935 or earlierBuying Morgan and Peace Dollars

We’ll pay $15 for any undamaged
Morgan or Peace Silver Dollar

U.S. dimes, quarters & halves dated 1964 or earlier
Buying U.S. 90% Silver Coins, dimes, quarters, half dollars

We’ll pay 10 times face value for
U.S. 90% silver coins

We will pay $1.50 for 1965-1970 Kennedy half dollars
Call for Quotes on large quantities or scarce dates
The price we pay you is based on our daily buy price when your items are received unless you call (954-580-3595, M-F ONLY, 9AM-5PM EST) to confirm price before shipping. Confirmed packages must be sent Priority Mail or faster and postmarked on the same day that price is confirmed by us.

Coins we’re buying:

U.S. Copper & Nickel Coins

  • All Half Cents – 1793-1857
  • All Large Cents – 1793-1857.
  • All Flying Eagle & Indian Cents – 1856-1909.
  • Lincoln Cents dated before 1934
  • All Two Cent Pieces – 1864-1873
  • All Three Cent Pieces – 1865-1889
  • All Shield Nickels – 1865-1883
  • All Liberty Nickels – 1883-1912
  • All Buffalo Nickels – 1913 – 1938

U.S. Silver Coins

  • All Half Dimes
  • All Dimes dated before 1965.
  • All Twenty-Cent Pieces
  • All Quarters dated before 1965.
  • All Half Dollars dated before 1970.
  • All Dollars dated before 1936.
  • All U.S. Mint-issued Commemorative coins

U.S. Gold Coins

  • All gold coins of any denomination dated before 1934

U.S. Mint & Proof Sets

  • All Proof Sets
  • All Prestige Sets
  • All Mint Sets

U.S. Paper Money

  • U.S. Currency – Series 1933 or older
  • All $500 thru $10,000 Notes
  • All U.S. Fractional Currency

Foreign Gold & Silver Coins

  • All Foreign Gold Coins
  • All Canadian Silver coins dated before 1968
  • All Foreign Silver coins dated before 1918


  • All Silver Bullion Bars, Ingots & Rounds
  • All Gold & Platinum Jewelry
  • All Sterling Silver Flatware & Jewelry

We Don’t Buy:

  • Damaged, corroded, discolored, polished or improperly cleaned coins. Do NOT clean your coins!
  • Currency with stains, tears or tape
  • Counterfeit or replica coins
  • Foreign coins other than listed above
  • Foreign currency
  • Error coins
  • Ancient coins
  • Note: Please don’t send coins that are extremely worn or obviously damaged as they have no collector value. Items that in our opinion are counterfeit or replicas will be returned.

How to send your coins:

  • First, please review Frequently Asked Questions about selling to CoinSite Buyers
  • Make a list (a count) of what you have. Keep it simple.
  • Enclose a copy of your list with the items you are sending. Include your mailing and email addresses.
  • Enclose $5.00 in cash, check or money order to cover return shipping fees.
    (100% refundable if we buy your items.)
  • Pack your items securely. Do not tape coins or paper money to cardboard, this will ruin them.
  • Insure and mail (see Flat-Rate Priority) your package to:

4615 North University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33067

That’s all there is to it! You will be contacted by email with our offer within 48 hours of our receipt of your package. If you accept our offer, payment will be sent with the next available post. If you decline our offer we will return your material to you immediately.

CoinSite Buyers makes the process simple and safe. You can rely on us to accurately evaluate what you have and make a fair offer for your coins.

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Have questions? See our: FAQ or Email us at:
or call us (M-F ONLY, 9AM-5PM EST) at

If you’re in South Florida, please call for an appointment at our Coral Springs location.

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