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This is a wonderful site full of information for anyone from the novice to the expert. I was impressed with how easy it was to navigate. Great Design.

I just recently found this site and it is great! I have searched many sites looking for information and this is the first site I have found that is so easy to use and so informative. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into this site. It is an invaluable resource for those of us non-professional collectors that enjoy this hobby so much!

This is the easiest to use and most comprehensive collector’s site I’ve ever seen on the web. Thank You!!

I am intrigued with the historical facts surrounding each coin. It makes one appreciate the fact that a coin is not just a coin, but that there is a very special and personal history behind each and every one.

I quite accidentally found your website after searching for information regarding coins. I have never been to any site that offered as much information in such an easy to find and clearly explained manner. I have to give you guys A LOT of credit. I spend a considerable amount of time on the web, just surfing, or actually researching a particular subject. Most of the time the information I find is: incomplete, of questionable authenticity, or too difficult to access easily. This makes it difficult to locate answers of relevance with enough detail. A person then spends time hopping from site to site trying to glean enough content. Your explanations of the minting and striking processes is extremely informative and very readable. I must have spent three hours there today reading text. That says something: you kept my interest, didn’t talk over/under my head, and didn’t reiterate the same content ad nauseum. Again, thanks very much for a truly enjoyable, useful, and informative website. I will return, repeatedly I am sure, and recommend this site too anyone interested in numismatics.

Great, this is the first time I have had to ask a question, most of the time I find an answer with a simple search.

This is a wonderful site. I especially liked reading about the ‘unusual’ dollars, such as the yellow and Hawaiian issues. It’s quite piqued my interest in collecting! The link between history is made tangible through this hobby. Keep up the good work on getting the info out!

This site came up #1 when I started my search. It is the first time I’ve tried this and the site looks very informative.

I think this site is great, I came here for information on one specific coin, yet am leaving with a plethera of knowledge about other coins that popped into my head while trying to search. Thank you for your site

It is really great to find a site that I can get somewhere when I want to find something. All the other sites I’ve searched do nothing but advertise or link you up to some place to buy. Here I can do it all, especially get answers.

I think the site is an excellent resource for teachers. The information is very complete.

You guys at are amazingly fast at responding. Thanks so much for getting back to me, your very coin…siderate! Ha, ha. I’m telling all my friends about your site, it’s AMAZING!

Cool place to look up info. If you can’t find it, you ask. What more could people want.

This is the only place that I know where I can get the answer to any of my coin questions. This site is by far the best.

This is an awesome site…..thanks to all who created it.

Thank you, sir, for your informative and quick reply!! Can’t wait to get back to your web site – it’s terrific! THANK YOU

Just simply love the site,,,, can stay on it for hours and hours………

I think the Coin Doctor and the Coin Site are just great. My son is working on a scout coin collecting merit badge and it has been very helpful to us.

I appreciate a site where consumers may ask questions. It shows a genuine interest in sharing the joys of numismatics.

I really enjoy the site. There is a tremendous amount of informative data regarding a very wide cross section of currencies from around the world.

Great site. I come here often just to browse and read.

I love this site and a lot of knowledge can be obtained here. I would recommend anyone bookmark this site, as a beginner collector it has helped me more than once and the historical lessons on money are great!

So far, going through your site, it is very thorough. I would recommend this site to others with coin questions.

It’s the only one that I’ve found that’s given straight up answers and useful information.

I have been searching for several weeks and I am glad to find a site as informative as this where I can get some real answers.

Your site has been so helpful to friends of mine, so I thought I’d give it a try now that I am the clueless one.

This is a good site for research purposes. I find that the information very useful.

Your site is just unbelievable! I don’t know anything about coins but have a few old ones laying around. In 20 minutes I found information on your site about all of them. Even my 20 Franc piece that is dated 1371 (learned that is 1951 on our calendar!). Great site, keep it up!!

Your site is fantastic, so much information I was surprised. The FAQ section is interesting as well.

I only brought my question to you because anyone who can tag a name to initials from the responsible minter in Argentina”?” or wherever, from about a hundred years ago is well, Wow, YOUR DA’ MAN!!!!!!!!!

I have not found a better site. I can find everything I need. Good Job, keep it up.

I think it is a great idea and their should be more coin sites around as helpful as this one.

I found the site quickly and was amazed at the information obtained. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Wonderful site. There are so many questions about coins that simply are not answered by other web sites. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

This is the best of the best for information about coins. Really fast and reliable.

I’m not really a collector, but I find your site extremely informative and being a teacher I loved to find that you had answered a questions from a 13 year old just starting a collection.

It’s sites like these that make information searching a pleasure. Thank-you

I’ve spent a couple hours trying to find any info about errors. This site was the best. I like the DOC’s q and a.

Thanks for an interesting site, not just a sales catalogue

I think this is a great site, I didn’t know of it, until a friend of mine let me know about it, I will be a visitor for along time. Keep up the great work. I will highly recommend this site to all my friends and family.

Very helpful and detailed! Seems to cover all angles very thoroughly and explain the coins’ histories very well.

This is probably the best numismatic site on the Internet. Easy-to-use and not as pretentious as the others.

Hey doc. What a great resource you have here. I could find NO information about my coin until I found this site!

This is my first time to this coin site. This is great. To have all these possibilities in one site is fantastic. I am sure your site will be in high demand. I look forward to the Coin Doctor’s answer of the question I have submitted. Thanks for this outstanding Coin site. I will let all my friends know about it.

I have never visit this site before but a friend told me that here I could find the information I looking for because this site is one of the most famous numismatic sites. Please, I’m sorry for my English.

Excellent site on just about anything. I found info about coins that I wasn’t even looking for. Searching the archives can be rewarding. Very rewarding

I think this site is one of the most complete ones related to coins. I’ve already been to about 10 and this is the first one I can find a related topic.

This site is great. I am cataloging an estate’s coin collection & it’s a great help

Great site & and excellent display of knowledge on the subject. Very interesting to read, I will definitely check out all of the archives when time permits. Speaking of time, how do you keep up with responding to all of the inquiries with such great detail?

Great Site! I can’t believe how much I have learned here in one night.

I think the service you are providing to collectors is invaluable! Thank you for the effort!

I think this site is amazing. I found this coin and know nothing about it. Hopefully I can obtain some history and background on it. This site is very user friendly. Unlike other sites I have visited for specific information.

The site and questions were wonderful – I’ve spent hours reading and totally lost all track of time because of all the information – I LOVE it

Excellent site. Comprehensive and intensive.

It would be difficult to not be impressed with the amount and quality of the information.

This is my second question. I very much appreciated the first answer. Looking through the FAQs and the archives, I can see that there is an excellent integration of numismatic and social/economic/political history which I a heartily applaud.

I have spent most of the day browsing your site, I just love it.

Extremely informative and fun to read!!!!!! Essential site for the beginner and seasoned coin collector alike…..

Great site, which I will use again for its true purpose – assistance with my coin collection.

I’m not sure where or how you obtain the answers that you do, but one thing’s clear… there’s definitely a big-brain here somewhere. You (however many you are) are more knowledgeable about coins than anyone I’ve ever HEARD of! Keep up the GREAT work!

Although I am not a “serious” coin collector, and unfamiliar with the terminology and standards of this area, I found your site to be easily navigated and simple to understand. I’ll certainly visit again & again to research my small collection.

This is the only site I have been able to browse through and find answers. You guys keep up the good work.

I think this site is wonderful; it’s like walking through history with coins as the milestones. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to view coins that I had only heard about.

This site has been a very useful tool for me and my coin collecting friends. Keep up the good work!!!

It is one the most informative sites that I have been on in the past few months.

This site is amazing. I always look for answers here first, and I’m working my way through the extensive archives. You provide a wonderful service.

Great site. I will pass this on to the other boys doing the coin collecting merit badge.

From the short amount of time spent on this site, it seems to be very well organized and informative. Thank you for your free site in which to peruse information not usually offered for free.

There is a lot of interesting information concerning coins and this site simplifies research for those seeking history on coins they wish to or have collected.

Amazing… The Doc knows rare coins like the back of his hand.

This site is awesome. I am by no means an expert on coins but by reading the answers on the site I am quickly being educated!

I think this is a very interactive site that is educative and provides very valuable information. I think you should properly compile these questions and answers into a book in the near future and title it THE COIN DOCTOR. With my kind of coin portfolio, comprising a few thousand coins, including many rare coins, the coin doctor may be the best alternative source of numismatic information.

I just started recently looking up old coins. What a wonderful site!! So informative! Best one for coin collecting I have come across. Keep up the good work!!


I think this site and the Coin Doctor is great. I have searched just about every site there is on coins and this is the most user friendly!

I’ve been to two other coin websites and this was by far the easiest to use and navigate, and the only one with a question forum.

Great site! This is the only site I’ve found that is willing to “go the extra mile” and answer our questions. Thanks!

This is the only site I have found so far that even comes close to giving me any information. Most have been sites to sell thing but didn’t have much information.

GREATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Highly informative. Nobody gives straightforward and concise answers with historical explanations like you do!!

This service you provide is great and I have yet to see any other sites that mirror the experience that this site manifests.

I really like your site and I think that it is really nice of you to spend your own time to answer questions for others. No other site that I have seen is even caring enough to answer questions. Most of them are just sales gimmicks (buy over $300.00 worth of coins and your shipping is free!)

This is a great service. I hope enough people will donate their valuable time to make this go. I also loved looking at the coin site and reading a little flowing hair dollars etc. Very fascinating. I intend to spend a lot more time on this site. Keep up the good work.

Supercalifragilisticexpealidocius! How come we Brits don’t have sites like this?

I am interested in finding out what my silver dollars are worth and I know I can trust the Coin Doc. Can you help?

I am reading the site page by page, learning tons and very, very interesting. Thanks for making it available to we who are numismatically challenged!!


This is a GREAT site. The Coin Doctor seems to know everything about coins from all times and countries. I haven’t seen many questions that stumped him, and I’ve looked through practically all the archives. This is definitely the place to go for questions about numismatics.

Think coin Dr. is fantastic and refreshingly knowledgeable. ‘Was never really interested in coins or currency until I stumbled onto this site.

I find it very informative and the format is easy to use. I am a novice at computers and if I can understand how to use this site, then anyone can!

I think the site is excellent for novice as well as experienced numismatists. Its great that I can actually compare the American coins that I have against the pictures of coins available on the web site and estimate how valuable my old silver dollars are, all the way in India. The coin doctor idea is tops too!!

I think it’s a very good idea to have a COIN DOC on the Internet.

Fantastic site with something for everyone from the neophyte numismatist to the Morgan maven.

I think the coin site is very informative especially when it provides not only the background on the coins, but gives you tips on what to look for on the coins to authenticate. I also like the definitions of what obverse and reverse means. Providing you with other sources, like coin books that have good information on coins. The list goes on. It has been a very helpful and informative source for me.

Without a doubt, the best numismatic site I have encountered.