1964-1984 JFK miniature half dollar in gold

Pam writes: In the early 80’s I had received a 20th Anniversary Tribute Solid 14-k Gold JFK half dollar. This was a specially struck miniature of the JFK half dollar, double-dated 1964-1984 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the coin’s first issue.

The JFK Half Dollar miniature was struck on a planchet of solid 14-karat gold, measuring 9 mm in diameter, weighing 3.360 grains. It contains 1.965 grains of pure gold. It was a limited edition and the dies were destroyed and the edition permanently closed after December 31, 1984. Could you please give me any information on them and their value.

Some facts about this token:

  1. This is not a U.S. Mint Product but a promotional item created by a private company.
  2. It has no specific market value, though it doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t buy it from you.
  3. 14K gold is an alloy containing 58% gold.
  4. Your token does have intrinsic gold value. There are 480 grains in a troy ounce. The content that you reported of 1.965 grains of pure gold means that it would take about 244.27 of these tokens to equal a troy ounce of gold. If we say that the current price of gold is $1200 per ounce, the intrinsic gold value in dollars for one token equals about US $4.91 (1200/244.27) less the cost of refining.