1947 Canadian maple leaf cent

Ron writes: Ok it is time to ask someone else this question, seems to me that I can’t get a answer so far. I found a 1947 Canadian penny, which is missing a mint mark. The coin that year had a mint mark which is a small maple leaf right next to the 7 of the year. Well I found one of these coins without that mint mark. I remember from when I started collecting that I found a book that told about this coin and the missing mark and the value of it was incredible. Now what I want to know is if the coin is worth anything or is the 1989 book that I looked at to old and is just wrong or not. Thanks a lot.

Not a mint mark but maple leaf to indicate that the coin was “special”. Normal Canadian cents dated 1947 have no mint mark. Coins with the maple leaf by the date was struck in 1948 with the date 1947. Canada was waiting for new dies that reflected a new legend sans “ET: IND:IMP (And Emperor of India), since India had received its Independence.

Canada was suffering from a shortage of coins and in 1948, minted coins with the maple leaf and the date 1947 as a marker as they waited for the delivery of new dies. 1948 cents were struck with the new royal legend. There is little difference in value between the 1947 and the 1947 maple leaf cents.

Substantial differences in value begin with the 1947 plain dime, the 1947 “Dot” quarter, the four varieties of 1947 half dollar and the three varieties of 1947 dollars.