1913 Russia (Empire) 50 Kopeks

Jack writes: Doc, Found an old coin (1913) and I have an image of it but I don’t know the country of origin (I’m guessing Russia or Poland?) as there is no English alphabet involved. The only number on it is a “50”

1913-50-kopeksYou have a 1913 Russia (Empire) 50 Kopeks, also known as a “Poltina”. The obverse features the head of Czar Nicholas II (1894-1917), the reverse shows a crowned two-headed eagle The date, mintmaster’s initials and denomination is below. There is no mint mark.

The coin was struck at the St. Petersburg Mint and the Mintmaster was Elikum Babayantz. The coin was struck in .900 silver and contains .2893 troy ounce of silver. It has a total weight of 9.998 grams.

Your coin grades about Very Fine with some light edge damage. Approximate collector value: US $15.