1826 Great Britain silver Shilling

Hayden R. writes: I came across a coin that was my father’s. The words on one one side reads clearly “Georgius IV Dei Gratia ” the year reads 1826, on this same side there is a side view of a mans face.
On the other side it reads “Britanniarum Rex Fidei Defensor”,on this side there is a lion wearing a crown standing on another crown and below this there are some flowers. The diameter is approximately 23mm, its silver metal.

You have a 1826 Great Britain silver Shilling. The obverse show the head of King George IV facing left, the Latin legend around is GEORGIUS IV DEI GRATIA (George IV by the Grace of G-d). The legend continues on the reverse: Britanniarum Rex Fidei Defensor (King of the Britains and Defender of the Faith). Value depends on grade (condition): Range: $2 – $150.