1797 Britannia copper 2 pence

Andy writes: British coin 39.7mm diam. 4.75mm thick, wide border engraved Britannia 1797 with Neptune on a rock with trident & shield and laurel branch, ship in bkgrd. Reverse is Georgius III D.G.REX. on border and bust of Geo.III. Can you please tell me what this is (penny, halfpenny,etc.) and approximate value?

You have a 1797 Great Britain copper 2 pence (1/2 groat). (12 pence=1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound). It features a bust of King George III facing right. The Latin legend is around in a circular border, GEORGIUS III. D. G. REX (George III, King by the grace of G-d).

The reverse shows the legend BRITANNIA, the date 1797 is below. The central theme is an image of Britannia seated on a rock holding a trident (symbol of the sea) and the shield of Great Britain leaning at her left. A ship is sailing in the background to the viewers left.

This coin was a overreaction to the severe coin shortage that existed in England prior to this date. This is a one year issue. Value depends on grade (condition) and, on this coin especially, the state of the coin’s edge. This is a big heavy coin with legends incuse on the rim and comes often with dented edges. Coins in new condition without rim damage are scarce. Approximate value range: $5 – $450.