1779A Mauritius & Reunion 3 sols

Cammi K. writes: I have a French coin with the following information: One side has the following around the perimeter: Louis XVI R DE FR BT DE NAV. The other side states: De Bourbon Isles, 3 Sols, 1779, De Fr Et De Bour Bon. Can you tell me what type of coin this is and also the approximate value. Thanks.

You have a 1779A Mauritius & Reunion (Isles de France et de Bourbon) 3 sols (20 Sols (sous)=1 Livre). These two islands exist east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The island of Mauritius was eventually ceded to Great Britain. Isle de Bourbon was renamed Reunion in 1810 and today remains a French possession.

The coin shows a crown over Fleur de Lis, the abbreviated French legend around is Louis XVI R DE FR ET DE NAV = Louis VI King of France and of Navarre.

The reverse shows 3 Sols 1779 A (Paris Mint), the legend around, ISLES DE FR. ET DE BOURBON. (The name of the two island possessions).

Market value depends on grade (condition). Approximate range: US $5 – $200.