Thailand 5 Baht

Michael I. writes: My question is I have a coin that has a man with glasses on the front and on the back it looks like a dragon with something hanging from his mouth. Also on the back are 5 trees and in the background of the trees it has some kind of buildings that come to a point. I count 3 points on the left and 4 on the right. The only writing on the back of the coin I can read is a weird shaped #2 and uin5 so if I put them together this is how it looks.. 2uin5… The coin is as big as a U.S. quarter and the same color as a quarter. Please get back with me I would like to know where it came from… I found it in a roll of quarters at my work.

Sounds like a 5 Bhat from Thailand, probably from the 1970’s. The bespectacled person on the obverse is King Rama IX (Phra Maha Bhumifhol Adulyadej). Approximate value in average circulated grades: US 15 cents.