Syracuse silver Decadrachm circa 400 BC.

Glenn S. writes: Hello Coin Doc, Attached are pictures of an old coin… I would like to know how much it’s worth. Thank you, Glenn

Your image shows a Syracuse, silver Decadrachm by Euainetos, circa 400 BC. Head of Arethusa facing left, hair wreathed with barley, wearing triple-drop earring (not visible on your coin) and beaded necklace; four dolphins around. Euainetos signature at edge by hair /Fast quadriga (4 horse chariot) driven left by female charioteer; Nike flying above to right to crown charioteer’s head with wreath; in exergual area (below line) on two steps, shield, cuirass between two greaves and helmet. The weight should be: 42.18 grams Diameter: 35 mm

Authentic examples are extremely rare as is the large denomination of a Decadrachm (10 Drachms). Auction records: US $18,000 – $55,000+ for pieces VF-EF.

Note that your image appears to be a base metal museum copy. Copies and replicas have no specific value. Authentication requires examining the actual coin.