Moffat & Co. Territorial gold ingot

Matt H. writes: I have a 6 oz bar from the Moffat and Co. It is stamped with a eagle and has many marks including serial number, date of 1852 and many other marks also. I am wondering what is the worth as I have heard that they are rare and collected when they appear on the market. Thanks Matt

This is a puzzle as by 1852 Moffat & Co. were minting coins in $5 and $10 denominations. Moffat had received a federal subcontract to make $50 ingots under Augustus Humbert in January of 1851. This establishment eventually became the U.S. Assay office.

The first Moffat issues, in 1849, were bars and characteristically they were denominated in dollars. (at $20/oz a six ounce gold ingot would say $180. There were ingots as high in face value as $256.24. Moffat bars also have the Carat (sic) fineness listed on the bars.

The most available of the Moffats is the rectangular $16 ingot. Value range about $25,000+. Though a Moffat six ounce gold ingot could be genuine, you should have the it authenticated by ANACS, NGC or PCGS. (see the CoinSite Links page under Grading Services). Value Range if genuine: $50,000 -$100,000+.