Lacquered coins

Bill T. writes: I have a 1944 D/S lincoln cent. I sent the coin to PCGS to be graded, it was sent back in a 2 x 2 flip with two notes attached. #1- MS RD 1944-D/S 1C # 002728. On the other side it reads “# 7. Environmental Damage ie: Corrosion, Lacquer.” (There is no corrosion on the coin.) The question is – with the lacquer finish (can’t tell by looking at it) on the coin, is the coin now no good? And can the coin be cleaned without damaging the coin ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Bill

Years ago, lacquering coins was a method by which to preserve the original red color of copper coins. The lacquer can be removed with acetone but requires a skilled hand. The grading services will not grade coins that are lacquered or varnished or show evidence of corrosion.

You might contact one of the Coin Grading services and see if their restoration service can successfully remove the lacquer without damaging the coin. (See the CoinSite Links page).