Kellogg & Company $20 gold pieces

Peter M. writes: A friend has a gold coin half dollar size with the name Kellogg on it. I haven’t seen it. Is it worth looking at??

Certainly is. Kellogg & Company $20 gold pieces are quite valuable. They were one of the private minters that helped fill the need for coins in commerce in California when the United States Assay Office was being established. There are two designs that imitate the U.S. Liberty $20 gold coin. They have the date 1854 or 1855 and the legend SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA TWENTY D. appears around an eagle with outstretched wings and a shield on its breast. Sun rays with stars are above the eagle’s head. Kellogg & Company dissolved in 1854 but was reestablished as Kellogg & Humbert at which time a $50 gold coin was produced.

These neat coins do show up at auctions and at major coin shows. Values depend on grade and type. Values for the $20 coins depend on grade and type but trade between $1,000 and $10,000. A proof version of the Amon Carter Jr. specimen of the $50 Kellogg-Humbert brought $154,000 in 1984. See: Territorial Gold Coins – California Issuers and 1854 Kellogg & Company $20 Gold – Ex. Garrett