Israel silver shekel – circa 66 A.D.

Mario M. asks: Can you please identify this coin?

Judea fought both actively and passively against the domination of Rome in the period from about 70 BCE to 70 CE. Even the Christ story is a component of the narrative of Jewish Independence. By the year 66 CE (AD) a second active war broke out against Rome ending in a crushing defeat for the Jewish rebels at Masada.

Jerusalem was destroyed as was the Second Temple (the “Wailing Wall” in present day Jerusalem is the only remains standing of the Second Temple).

You have a silver Israel Shekel (from the 2nd Revolt against the Romans (The Jewish War against the Rome 66-70 C.E.).

The coin is described as following:

A chalice, with nine pearls on rim; above the chalice is the date In Hebrew, ” Year 4″, the Hebrew inscription ” shekel of Israel”, around. The reverse shows a stem with three fruit, probably pomegranates, “Jerusalem the holy”, around. Value Range: $2,500 +

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