Is this a genuine 1942/1 overdate Mercury dime?

Brian C. writes: There is a set of 1916-1945 Mercury Dimes available on ebay. The person who put this collection online (me) didn’t know enough about coin collecting to check out the individual coins. The set includes a 1942/1 overdate Mercury Dime, making the set more valuable. The bid is currently fairly low for the set, especially with the overdate.
Because there are already bids on the set, I can’t change the description at this point. Here is a picture of the 1942/1 overdate (included in the set):


The coin in your image is not a 42/1 die error. The coin shown looks like a damaged last digit caused by a counting machine. Genuine 42/1 -P dimes show the “1” to the left of the “2” where the two is connected to the “1” making the date look almost like “19412”. See the image below of a genuine 1942/1 Mercury dime.


Genuine 1942/1 Dime