Is the 1972 Olympiade in “Deutschland” 10 Marks a mistake?

Barry A. writes: Hi there, I have a silver 1972 Olympics Commemorative 10 Mark coin that was apparently incorrectly issued and withdrawn. It states “1972 Olympiade in Deutschland”. As we know, Olympics are held in a city and not in a country, and it was withdrawn and changed to “1972 Olympiade in Munich”. Has this coin any particular rarity or value? Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks and regards, Barry

Not withdrawn or an error but the first issue of the 1972 Munich Olympic Commemorative 10 Marks and very much a part of the set. The coin was minted at 4 different mints (D,F,G and J) in both uncirculated condition and proof manufacture. The proof issues of this first of the set brings a bit more than the later 1972 10 Mark designs. About 10 million uncs were struck and 500,000 proofs. Approximate value range: $6 – unc, $25 – proof.