How do the “privy marks” on Canadian silver Maple leafs affect their value?

Robert R. asks: For Canadian one ounce silver maple leaf coins, how do the “privy marks” on them affect their value? Also, how do I find values and mintages for these coins (they are not in my coin book). Thanks, Robert.

Since 1998, all Canada 1 oz silver Maple Leaf issues have privy marks.  The value of these bullion related coins vary with the price of silver and collector demand vs. the number of pieces available:  The Royal Canadian Mint reports the following as of January, 2001. All have an official face value of C$5.

Date Issued by Privy Mark Mintage
1998 Dillon-Gage ? 26,000
1998 MTB Bank Tiger 25,000
1998 Post Office RCMP 25,000
1998 RCM 1908-1998 90th Aniv 13,025
1999 MTB Bank Rabbit 25,000
1999-2000 RCM Fireworks 298,775
2000 RCM Fireworks ?
2000 MTB Bank 2000 Dragon 25,000