Gold solidus of Constantine II, 337-340 AD

Hrvoje writes: I have a golden coin of the emperor Constantinus. The coin is about 21 millimeters in diameter and on the front side, above the head/bust facing left are the letters: CONSTANTINVSIVNNOB?C or G?. On the other side of the coin there is this little man standing and holding one of those roman sticks. To the left there is a word PRINCIPI, in the upper part it says IVVE, on the right side it says NTVTIS and on the bottom side there are letters H T S. My question is about the price and to know something more about the coin in general. Thank you a lot in advance for your time.

Based on your description, you have a gold solidus of Constantine II, 337-340 AD. Note that Constantine’s coins face to the right, that is the viewers right, not that of the figure. The obverse Latin legend is CONSTANTINVS IVN .NOB. C. (The Renowned Young Constantine) ; Diademed, draped and cuirassed (military garb) bust facing right.

The reverse shows Constantine standing to the left holding a standard and scepter, the legend around is: PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS [iuventutis] (This expression comes from the Roman Republican Period, about 350 years prior to this coin, and can be translated as “First Among the Knights”). The letters in exergue, that is under the dividing line, are equivalent to a mint mark.

Collector value depends on the grade (condition). Approximate value range: US $2,000 – $3,500.