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A collection of images of exceptional U.S. coins –
featuring highlights from the Jimmy Hayes Collection

In the 1970’s and early 80’s, Jimmy Hayes was the “Man” when it came to collecting condition rarities. Like most advanced collectors, he was a stickler for coins with original surfaces, particularly those with beautiful toning. He assembled an unparalleled collection of first-year-of-issue type coins, which was sold by Stacks in a special session of its 50th Anniversary sale in October, 1985. Many of the highlights of his collection (as well as outstanding coins from other collections) were photographed by noted numismatist Jay Miller in the early 1980s and are pictured here. Please browse and enjoy.

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1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling – Large Planchet
An exceptional example of Colonial era coinage. Dated 1652, but actually struck between 1667 and 1682.
1776 Continental Dollar
A favorite with collectors of Early American coinage, Continental dollars are sometimes included in advanced type collections as an example of the first U.S. dollar coin.
1792 Half Disme – Ex. Hayes
Without question this is the finest known 1792 Half Disme, better by an order of magnitude…..
1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent – Wreath Reverse
An awesome, almost surreal example with touches of mint red. Talk about a magnificent Large Cent!
1794 Large Cent – Head of 1794 – Ex. Lord St. Oswald Collection
Another early copper in incredible condition, also with much mint red remaining.
1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar – Ex. Hayes
A superb specimen and if not the finest known certainly equal to it.
1794 Flowing Hair Dollar – Ex. Amon G. Carter, Jr. Collection
It is perfectly conceivable that this coin was the very first Silver Dollar struck!
1794 Flowing Hair Dollar – Ex. Lelan Rogers Collection
A beautifully toned, satiny specimen that traces its pedigree to the Colonel Green and F.C.C. Boyd Collections.
1795 Flowing Hair Dollar
One of the most beautifully toned and aesthetically pleasing early American coins in existence.
1795 Draped Bust Dollar, Small Eagle – Ex. Hayes
Undoubtedly one of the presentation pieces made for influential vistors and others, many of which found their way to Europe.
1796/5 Draped Bust Half Dime – Ex. Hayes
The coin is so well struck, full hair, stars and feathers on the eagle’s breast that it is medallic in appearance.
1796 Draped Bust Dime – Ex. Hayes
Struck for presentation. Deep mirror surfaces, fully struck stars and devices.
1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar – Ex. Lelan Rogers Collection
Visually surreal, this coin combines absolute rarity, an incredible state of preservation and astounding beauty.
1801 Draped Bust Half Dollar – Ex. Hayes
A sensational example of this rare date. The first year of the type and by far, rarer in Mint State than even a 1796!
1801 Draped Bust Dollar – Proof Restrike
Often referred to by numismatists as a “Fantasy piece.” Sharing the same reverse as the Type I 1804 Dollar, it was apparently struck sometime between 1836 and the 1850’s.
1804 Draped Bust Quarter – Ex. Hayes
A pristine example, full frosty mint bloom, and exceptionally beautiful light sea-green and iridescent toning.
1804 Capped Bust Gold Eagle – Proof
Struck around 1834 for inclusion in special sets intended for diplomatic presentation to Muscat, Siam, Japan and Cochin-China.
1815 Capped Bust Quarter – Ex. Hayes
First year of issue. A pristine example with delicate sea-green, pink and russet toning.
1818 Capped Head Gold Half Eagle – Ex. Eliasberg Collection
One of the more interesting die blunders of the time, apparently a result of inattention on the part of the engraver.
1821 Capped Head Gold Quarter Eagle – Ex. Eliasberg Collection
Undoubtedly the few known pieces were originally struck as presentation coins to illustrate the resumption of coinage after a lapse of over a decade.
1828 Capped Bust Dime – Ex. Hayes
An outstanding specimen which probably does not have its equal.
1839 Seated Liberty Half Dollar – No Drapery – Ex. Hayes
The sale of this coin made the front page of the Greysheet as an example of collectors paying any amount for a gem type.
1840-O Seated Liberty Quarter – Ex. Hayes
A rare date in remarkable condition and exquisitely toned. Who could ask for more?
1842 Seated Liberty Quarter, Small Date-Proof – Ex. James A. Stack Collection
The 1842 Small Date Quarter is one of the rarest silver coins struck.
1846 Seated Liberty Half Dollar – Ex. Hayes
Gem Brilliant Uncirculated. A wholly prooflike and two-tone specimen.
1849 Coronet Head Gold Eagle – No Motto – Ex. Eliasberg Collection
From a quality standpoint, few pre-Civil War Eagles even come close.
1853 Seated Liberty Quarter w/ Arrows and Rays – Ex. Hayes
Few examples of this date are the equal of this coin.
1853 Seated Liberty Half Dollar w/ Arrows and Rays – Ex. Hayes
An extremely rare Proof example of this one year type coin.
1854 Kellogg & Company $20 Gold – Ex. Garrett Collection
This coin was once the personal property of Augustus Humbert, the United States Assayer of gold.
1855-S Three Dollar Gold Piece – Branch Mint Proof
Why this coin was struck will probably be forever open to speculation.
c. 1861 Aaron White Satirical So-Called Dollar – Early Civil War Period
An exceptionally well-preserved example of a rare, unusual and certainly prophetic piece.
1866 Seated Liberty Quarter – Ex. Hayes
A spectacular, multicolored example of this rare, first-year-of-issue quarter.
1866 Seated Liberty Half Dollar – Ex. Hayes
An exceptional coin with full stars, head and cap.
1866 Seated Liberty Dollar – Ex. Hayes
The finest frosty Morgan Dollar would pale next to this coin.
1868 Seated Liberty Quarter
Another one for connoisseurs of beautifully toned coins.
1893-O Morgan Dollar – Ex. Amon G. Carter, Jr. Collection
A gorgeous coin with vibrant luster, light peripheral toning, deep mirror fields and minimum abrasions.
1907 Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief Double Eagle
One of the most famous, beautiful and desirable of all American coin rarities.
1921 Morgan Dollar – Chapman Proof
While reports are that as many as 30 Chapman Proofs were struck, the whereabouts of only about a dozen or so are known today.
Specimen – $500 Federal Reserve Note 
Just in case someone asks you who’s pictured on the $500 bill.
Specimen – $1000 Federal Reserve Note 
No – it won’t do you any good to copy it – all the serial #’s are zeros.
Specimen – $5000 Federal Reserve Note 
It’s gonna be rough to make change….
Specimen – $10,000 Federal Reserve Note
You got to be kidding. Did anyone actually carry these around?
Specimen – $100,000 Gold Certificate 
Very impressive – and pretty. But only used for transactions between Federal Reserve banks.