Do all genuine 1932-D quarters have a “filled mint mark”?

S.H. writes: I have purchased a 1932-D Washington Quarter in VF condition. The mint mark actually looks somewhat like an “S”. I am told by the seller that it is actually a “D”, and that all real 1932-D quarters have the “filled mint mark”, unlike a 1944-D or 1964-D. Is this correct?

Genuine 1932-D Washington Quarters have distinct serifs with die polishing under the mint mark. The inside of the “D” is often filled but the outside serifs are usually visible giving the mint mark a rather square, blob like appearance. Since the mint mark sits in a depression on this coin, the “D” is easily discernable even in low grades.

I suggest having any 32-D quarter authenticated by a third party grading service, especially if you have no training in counterfeit detection. See the CoinSite Links page for links to NGC, PCGS or ANACS for more information.