“Die Cap” mint error

Micheele V. writes: I have acquired a 1990? U.S. quarter which has some unusual characteristics. This coin is about the same size as a nickel. The edge seems to be rolled, making it approx. 2mm higher than the rest of the coin, and thereby ‘hiding’ half of each printed word. George Washington and the Eagle are perfectly centered. ‘In God We Trust’ seems to have been ‘flattened’ into the coin. If you have any ideas about this quarter, and possibly its value, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

There is a mint error called a “Die Cap” caused by a blank that has adhered to the die and struck as if it was the die itself. The resulting coin is usually in the shape of a thimble or soda cap. Multiple struck caps are very rare. Value range, depending on type and the height of the sides, vary from $200 -$1,500 for Washington quarters.

You can send your coin to either NGC, PCGS, ANACS or the ANA for certification. See their links on the CoinSite Links Page.