1958 British Columbia commemorative dollar

Robert G. writes:  I found a Canada 1858-1958 dollar coin. On the front says Elizabeth II Del Gratia Regina. On the back is what seems to be totem pole, British Columbia etc.  Is there any value or is it a keepsake. Thank you

You have a 1958 Canada, British Columbia commemorative dollar.  It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Caribou Gold Rush and BC’s entry as Crown Colony in 1858.  The obverse shows Queen Elizabeth II, the reverse shows a totem pole with mountains in the background.  The top of the totem pole shows a raven, an Indian symbol for “death”.  The symbolism was probably unintentional by the designer but the coin was known for a long time as the “death dollar”.

Value depends on grade (condition). Approximate value Range: US $18 – $30.