1944 ten centavos filipinas

Della M. writes: I have a coin the size of a dime one side reads “ten centavos filipinas.” The other side reads united states of america 1944.

You have a silver 10 centavo from the Commonwealth of The Philippines. From 1898 to 1946 the Philippines were under the sovereignty of the United States. During this period, except during the Japanese Occupation in World War II, the United States minted Philippine coins. The 1944 10 centavo was minted at the Denver Mint and has a “D” mint mark. Value Range in average circulated condition: 50 cents -75 cents.

All coins of the above period will have UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the coin. The 1944 10 centavos has a “D” mint mark and was struck in large numbers, in .750 silver, in order to replace the coinage removed by the Japanese occupiers. There is only one more year, 1945, that the U.S. title appears on Philippine coinage.

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