1942-1944 U.S. minted Australian coins

Randy H. writes: I recently found an Australian Half Penny in my yard with a metal detector. In search of info. on the coin, I e-mailed a guy in Australia whose web-site I had found (Australian currency). He said that he thinks that the coin was minted in San Francisco in 1943, but is not sure. Do you know anything about this matter, Coin Doc? I have found a lot of Australian Half Pennys on the net, but none with the markings on this coin. Any info. will be appreciated.

The San Francisco and Denver Mints were contracted to make coins for Australia during the years 1942-1944. 3 pence, 6 pence, shillings and florins were struck but not half pennies.

As far as the “markings” on your coin, you didn’t describe what those markings might be that differentiate your Australia half pennies from the ones struck at the Perth, Melbourne or Bombay Mints in 1943.