1924 Poland 1 Zloty

Ambarish A. writes: I have a 1924 1 Zloty coin, could you tell me something about its history and its worth?

You have a 1924 Poland Zloty (100 grozy=1 zloty). These coins were struck at the Paris, France Mint (a torch and cornucopia are on either side of the date) in .750 fine silver (content=.1206 of a troy ounce of silver).

Poland established a independent republic after World War I (1917) as provided for in the Versailles treaty. The country’s independence was shattered when the country was invaded and divided by Germany and Russia in September of 1939.

About 16 million 1924 1 zloty coins were struck. Value depends very much on grade (condition, that is, an evaluation of state of preservation). Approximate range: US $1 – $50.