1914D Bavaria (German State) 5 marks

Brendan writes: I was hoping you could identify this coin and it’s value for me. Here’s a description:

Head side: A side view of a man’s face with the inscription “Koenig Von Bayern” and “Ludwig III” This side has an odd sort of stripe across the man’s face where the metal has discoloured in a much lighter way. The mintmark is a D (indicates Munich?). Back side: The inscription “Deusches Reich 1914” “Funf Mark” and an illustration of a bird/gryphon? wearing a wreath of some sort, a shield across its chest and a crown above it’s head. The rim of the coin has something written on it as well, but all I can make out is “Gott…Mit..” Thank you for any help you can give.

You have a 1914D Bavaria (German State) 5 marks. D =Munich Mint The coin weighs 27.777 grams, is .900 fine silver (content .8038 of a troy ounce pure).

The coin features a bearded King Ludwig III facing left. The legend around, LUDWIG III KOENIG VON BAYERN (Ludwig III, King of Bavaria). The reverse shows a crowned eagle with outstretched wings, the legend around is DEUTCHES REICH 1914 FUNF MARK (German Empire 1914 Five Marks)

The coin has a lettered edge but I’m not sure which legend is inscribed on this piece. A typical examples from this period is Mit Gottes Hulfe (With G-d’s help).

Coins are valued on the rarity and condition (grade). Depending on condition, the coin brings between $15 for a damaged or low grade piece to about $150 for one in EF (Extremely Fine) with only a trace of wear. Uncirculated examples bring $200+. The stripe across the face on your example was caused by a strip of some neutral material lying on the coin. The rest of the coin patinated over time leaving the protected area white.