1887 British North Borneo cent

David A. writes: Please help me identify this coin: Obverse is a picture with 2 natives on either side of a heraldic shield. There is a banner under the shield, but I can’t make out the wording clearly. There is an H mint mark, and the date 1887. Reverse is a wreath containing One Cent, and chinese characters(?). Around the rim is the wording British North Borneo Co.

You have a 1887 cent from British North Borneo (Now part of Malaysia and known as Sabah). It was struck at the Heaton, Birmingham Mint in England and shows an “H” mintmark above the date. Both half-cent and cent coins were struck. Cent coins were struck from 1882 to 1907 at which time it became part of the Singapore settlement.

Approximate value range, depending upon grade: US $2. – $40. Proofs also exist, struck on highly polished planchets and in higher relief than normal business strikes. These bring about US $100 in original condition.