1862 Confederate State of North Carolina $3 bill

Donnie S. writes: My wife has a Confederate NC $3.00 bill. It says issued on one side Raleigh 12/20/1862 on the other corner received in payment 1/4/1863. It is signed in what appears to be red ink. The bill seems to be printed in a reddish/brown/gray ink hard to describe. Her father had it, it has been wrapped up in wax paper for over 40 years in her possession. How can we tell if it is real & what value? The material it is printed on is very thin can almost see through it. Appears to be in excellent shape some wear on edges. There is nothing printed on the back. Thanks.


From your scan I would say that your note is genuine. The note central theme shows an allegorical Liberty standing and Ceres seated. Plate letters for these notes are from A to H.

Your note grades fine or bit better. There are a few edge nicks at top and rust stains at bottom. These notes were interest bearing and would have been redeemable in January of 1866.

Unfortunately, The Confederate States of America ceased to exist after 1865 and the notes were never redeemed. Many people kept these and other notes hoping that some day “The South Would Rise Again”. Maybe, but right now collectors and dealers will redeem your note for between $10 and $15.