1861 North Carolina State $2 Note

Chris P. writes: I have a North Carolina $2 from 1861. I am looking to find more information about this bill. The front side has a hand written signature (looks like Henry Hardie) and serial number 41-22. It says “The State of North Carolina will pay to bearer two dollars at the Treasury on or before 1st Jany. 1866. Raleigh Oct 1st, 1861.” At the bottom is the printer info: F.W.Bornemann, Charleston, S.C.

The curious part is the back of the bill. There are two halves of $4 printed sideways, with Two Dollars stamped across in red letters. Please let me know if you have any information on this bill.

You have a Civil War era 1861 North Carolina State Note. The original notes were uniface, that is printed on only one side. Old remainder stock was cut and printed on the blank side and the words “2 Dollars” was overprinted on the back to show that the activated side was the actual denomination. (The overprinted side has no signatures or date. Bank notes were activated by signing and dating them by hand. Bank note paper was difficult to get, especially under the economic conditions in the Confederacy)

This note is commonly collected by Confederate States bank note collectors and examples are often available in the market, in the condition shown in your image, at approximately $14-$25.