1858 Austria Vereinsthaler

Jerimy H. writes: Coin Doc, I have a 1858 coin from Austria. I found a lot of coins similar to this one, but nothing identical. I was wondering if you could give me some more information. The front of the coin has FRANZ JOSEPH IVGG KAISER V OESTERREICH , and also has a mint mark of A. On the reverse it has 1858 EIN VEREINSTHALER XXX EIN PFUND FEIN. Thanks for the help.

You have a 1858 Austria, one Vereinsthaler (Thaler). The “A” mint mark indicates that the coin was struck at the Vienna Mint.

The coin features the head of King Franz Joseph I (1848-1916) facing right. The abbreviated German legend around is: FRANZ JOSEPH I. V.G.G KAISER V OESTERREICH (Franz Joseph I, By the Grace of G-d, King of Austria). The reverse shows a two-headed crowned eagle, date below, the German legend is: EIN VEREINSTHALER XXX EIN PFUND FEIN (30 vereinsthaler makes one pound [of silver]). The Thaler weighs 18.5186 grams is .900 fine silver and its content is .5359 troy ounce of silver.

The Austria monetary system in 1858:

  • 100 Kreuzer = 1 Florin
  • 1 1/2 Florin = Vereinsthaler

Fractional and multiples of these denominations exist.

Money was intrinsic, that is, its definition as money was its weight of precious metal. Placing the silver relationship on the coin (30 of these coins makes a avoirdupois pound of silver) was an attempt to make the coin easy to translate into other national currencies.

Market value depends on grade (condition): Approximate range: US $20 – $80