1849 10 dollar Mormon gold

Erin W. writes: I have a Morman 1849 ten dollar Gold coin. The front of the coin says “Pure Gold Ten Dollars” with 2 hands shaking with the date of coin underneath the hands. On the back it says “Holiness to the lord” with a symbol of something in the center of coin. I can not find anyone who can give my a value on this coin or unable to find a lot of info on it. Thank you for your time.

You may have an extremely rare and desirable territorial gold coin. The association with Brigham Young, who instigated the Mormon gold coinage system is a strong historical connection. The coins were struck in small adobe building in Salt Lake City and it is believed that Brigham Young personally supervised the striking of these coins.

The Mormon gold pieces were struck in 1849 in denominations of 2 1/2 dollars , 5 Dollars, 10 dollars and 20 dollars. 5 dollar coins were struck in 1850 and 1860.

Value range for a genuine 1849 10 dollar Mormon gold: $100,000++.

A coin like this needs to be authenticated. See Grading Services on the CoinSite Links page.