1848 5 Lire Italiane

Jasmin writes: I have an 1848 “5 LIRE ITALIANE” Diameter 30 mm. Heads- statue holding a lance in the right hand and she is raising the left hand beneath the statue is the letter “M” letters and symbols can’t be printed. Question: What do you think the coin is worth and is it rare? Thank you!

You have a 1848 Revolutionary Provisional Government of Lombardy – Venetia 5 Lire. (weight: 25 grams of .900 fine silver (.7234 troy ounce pure). The coin was issued after the rule of Austria ended over these northern Italian provinces.

The obverse shows 5 LIRE ITALIANE surrounded by a wreath, the legend around, GOVRENO PROVVISORIO DI LOMBARDIA, the date 1848 is below. The reverse shows a crowned figure of Liberty standing facing her head is turned to her left. She is wearing a flowing gown, her left hand is raised and her right holds a lance. The legend, ITALIA LIBERA DIO LO VUOLE, is around. The mint mark “M” (Milan) is in exergue.

Value depends on type and grade (condition). Range: $20 – $600+