1826 Italian State of Sardinia 5 Centesimi

Aaron S. writes: I have a coin that says “CAR.FELIX D.G.REX SAR.CYP.ET HEIR” around the outside, and ” 5 Centesimi” in the middle. The date is 1826. It is one inch across, 2 mm thick, and appears to be copper. Other side shows two vines around a coat of arms with a crown on top. The coat of arms contains an eagle? with a cross on its torso, and a small crown above it’s head. What coin do I have? And is it worth anything? Thanks a lot. -Aaron

You have a 1826 Italy (Italian State of Sardinia) 5 Centesimi (100 centesimi= 1 Lira) struck under King Carlos Felice (1821-1831). The obverse shows a wreath encompassing the denomination 5 CENTESIMI, the abbreviated Latin legend surrounds the rim: CAR.FELIX D.G.REX SAR.CYP.ET HEIR (Charles Felix, By the Grace of G-d, King of Sardinia, Cyprus and Jerusalem). (Note that many European rulers claimed Kingship of Jerusalem or ruler of the “Holy Roman Empire”. These titles were ceremonial or honorary.)

The reverse shows a crowned shield surrounded by a wreath. The coin was struck in copper at the Milan Mint (anchor mint mark) or the Turin Mint (Eagle’s head). A total of about 43 million pieces in total were struck.

Numismatic market value depends on condition: Approximate value range: US $1 – $35.