1823 King Louis XVIII of France medal

Mark W. writes: We have a coin given by Napoleon to William Harris Crawford (US Minister to France at the time) about 1815. On the front of the coin is: LVDOVICVS.XVIII.LAPIDEM.AVSPICALEM.POSVIT D.XXVIII.M.OCT-ANN-MDCCCXVII-REGNI-XXIII. The back reads: CIVIVM-PIETAS.RESTITVITT HENRICO MACNO. I cannot find any reference to this coin in any collectible coin literature. Any information you have would be appreciated.

‘Certainly not given by Napoleon. He was toast in 1815 and certainly not to William Harris Crawford. It would have been useful to get the full description of this medal but based on the Latin legends, it was issued under King Louis XVIII of France in 1823 and is an award to HENRICO MACNO, a CIVIVM-PIETAS.RESTITVITT (a dutiful or (loyal?) restored citizen).