1818 Capped Head Gold Half Eagle – Ex. Eliasberg Collection

With 5D over 50 on reverse. Ex. The United States Gold Coin Collection (Eliasberg), Bowers and Ruddy, October 1982, lot 373, where it was described: Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, MS-67, superb. We have never seen a finer business strike half eagle of any early date. A truly legendary coin, and one which should attract extremely enthusiastic bidding.

One of the more interesting die blunders of the time, the issue was apparently a result of inattention on the part of the engraver. After cutting the numeral 5 the engraver was perhaps daydreaming and cut a 0, thus “50” as on a half dollar. He then realized he was doing a half eagle die so he corrected the erroneous digit by overpunching it with the letter D.”

From the John H. Clapp Collection, 1942. Earlier from the Harlan P. Smith Collection, Chapman Brothers, May, 1906.


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