1809 Mexico Portrait 8 reales

Shad T. writes: You seem to know a lot about Reales so this should be easy. Face : Dei Gratia 1809 Ferdin VII. Back (pillers) : Hispan ET IND REX M 8R T H. The coin was certified by the Washington Mint issued by J. Richard Bergland. The condition is you can still fully see the eyes and the face and back aren’t really worn at all there is only 1 small knick on the left side (maybe a check for quality). Curious what the coin may be worth.

Your 1809 TH Mexico City Portrait 8 reales can be worth from approximately $15 – $100 depending on the actual grade (state of preservation stated as a term in the international grading system).

“TH” is are assayers’ initials, in this case: Tomas Burton Miranda and Henrique Buenaventura Azorin.

Note that the “Washington Mint” is a private promotional company and has no connection to the United States or any other government. Since grade is so important to value, the attribution should have included a statement of grade.