1794 Flowing Hair Dollar – Ex. Lelan Rogers Collection

The Colonel Green – F.C.C. Boyd Specimen

Ex. Lelan Rogers. Sold by Stacks in Numisma ’95, November 29, 1995, lot 1315, where it was described: “1794 Bolender 1. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated. 416.1 gns. A gorgeous toned satin gem coin. Both sides are toned a lovely, deep coin silver gray with iridescent champagne and palest iridescent blue around the rims. The fields are fully lustrous and satiny, the frost virtually unmarred by signs of handling. One has to wonder how such a big and heavy coin could have survived for 200 years with such satiny surfaces intact.”

Ex. “World’s Greatest Collection” (i.e., F.C.C. Boyd Collection) sale (Numismatic Gallery, January 20, 1945), lot 1; to 1949 ANA Convention sale (Numismatic Gallery, August 212), lot 140; via unnamed intermediaries to Beverly Hills Stamp & Coin Shop (Abe Kosoff & Max Justus) Fixed Price List (August 1, 1957); to 1958 ANA Convention sale (Numismatic Gallery, August 13), lot 1678; to James Kelly; via unnamed intermediaries to Lelan Rogers in 1967.


Image courtesy Stacks

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