1792 France bronze 12 Deniers

Nicole writes: I have this coin and no one around here can seem to give me an answer so hopefully you can. it looks like its hand stamped its from 1792. It looks like it can be gold or silver not sure. One side says Louis XVI and then rest is hard to make out but looks like ROT DES and then other side has LANATIONLALOT LE. Then in the middle one side has 12 other has D . Let me know if you know anything about it or if it’s worth anything. Thank You, Nicole

You have a 1792 France, bronze, 12 Deniers. The obverse shows the draped bust of King Louis XVI of France facing left. The legend, around is LOUIS XVI ROI DES FRANCOIS (Louis XVI King of the French). The Mint Mark, the place of striking, is at lower right under the bust and is either a letter or symbol (sometimes a cow).

The reverse design shows the Roman “faces” which consists of an executioners axe bound to a bundle of rods or sticks. The symbol represented the power of life or death and was a strong, belligerent statement very much like “Don’t tread on me” or “Beware enemies of Liberty”. Above the faces are a Liberty cap, symbolic of free thought. The denomination “12” and “D” (Denier) are separated by the faces. The legend around is LA NATION LA LOI LE ROI (this can be paraphrased as “the nation is ruled by law”)

Value depends on date and grade (condition stated as an industry standard expression). Low grade pieces of this date are inexpensive and are attracted to only beginning collectors. Range: USD 1 – $5. Uncirculated (new) pieces are in good demand from collectors. Example in this grade bring between $100 -$300.