1792 Charles IV of Spain 8 escudos

Chelsea D. writes: Dear Coin Doc, My daughter found an old coin dated 1792. On the front it says CAROL IIII D. G. HIS P. ET IND. R with a picture of a man facing right. On the tails side it has a picture of a crest with a crown on top and says IN UTRO FELIX AUSPICE DEO. On the left of the crest there is an 8 and on the right an S. Can you please give me some information about it and it’s value. Thanks for your time!

Gold 8 Escudos dated 1792 would be under Charles IIII (IV) of Spain. Though this coin was not struck in Spain, in 1792, it was struck extensively at mints in Spanish America. The mint mark and assayer are at 5:00 and 7:00 on the reverse and are letters or monograms (on either side of the golden fleece). The obverse shows the legend, CAROL III D. G. HISP. ET IND. R (Charles III, by the Grace of G-d King of Spain and the Indies), around the bust of Charles IV facing right. There are varieties of the portrait depending on the mint.

The reverse shows the Crowned shield of the King of Spain surrounded by a chain suspending the golden fleece. The Latin legend around is, IN UTRO FELIX AUSPICE DEO (under the fortunate guidance of G-d). Genuine 8 escudos weigh about 27 grams (27.06 grams is about official weight) and were struck on .875 fine gold planchets. The coin is gold in color (brass and copper museum copies exist). Market value for genuine examples depends on the date, mint mark, assayer and grade (state of preservation). Approximate value range: $1,200 – $4,500.

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