1783 Washington large penny?

Brenda writes: I need information on a 1783 large coin penny from the United States. It has a bust on front with a wreath around head, and washington and independence. on the back it says unity states of america around the edges, a wreath in middle with a bow at bottom, one cent and under it there is a 1/100. Thank you so much for your time. Brenda

‘Not a U.S. coin (there were no U.S. coins until 1793 and none with a figure of Washington until 1932). You have a medal from the “Washington & Independence Series” struck in about 1820 by James Kean of Philadelphia. The piece is copper and is 28.2 mm in size and weighs 120 grains.

The obverse shows a laureate and mantled bust of Washington facing left. The legend, “Washington and Independence”, is around. The reverse imitates the reverse of a U.S. cent with ONE CENT within an olive wreath with a bow at the bottom. Around, UNITY STATES OF AMERICA (the wording was used to avoid the charge of counterfeiting). 1/100 below, plain edge. Value depends on condition. Approximate range: $60 – $500. Note that modern copies exist. These are worthless.

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