1776 Continental Dollar Bashlow restrikes

S. R. writes: I found this coin in my yard, can you help me please. I can’t tell if my coin is an original or not. I can tell you that there was a restrike of this coin offered by Robert Bashlow & Company back in the 60’s. The restrikes were made from the original die, and were offered in brass, pewter and silver. The silver ones had an “S” stamped on them. I think mine may be pewter. How much are the restrikes worth if this one is a restrike?

No one is sure exactly how the original Continental Currency dollar-size coins were used but they were probably prototypes for the first United States silver dollar. We know that the coin was designed by “E.G”, possibly Elisha Gallaudet. The coins are marked with E.G. FECIT, Latin for E.G. made it. Original examples are quite valuable.

There are lots of restrikes and replicas of this historic coin, some made for the centennial celebration in 1876, restrikes made by Coin dealer Thomas Elder before WW I, Q. David Bower’s 7200 white-metal restrikes from the Elder dies in 1961, Robert Bashlow’s transfer die imitations, and even some aluminum versions made by the Boys Scouts of America.

Robert Bashlow had a somewhat colorful reputation as both a coin dealer and marketeer. He is widely known in numismatics for restriking the Confederate cent from the defaced Robert Lovett dies in 1961. The Bashlow Continental dollar restrikes in silver, of which 2000 were struck, can be identified by a small s near the rim at 7 o’clock between the Delaware and Pennsylvania links. In addition, 3000 in goldine and 5000 in bronze and “a few trial pieces in various metals” were also struck. Current value $250-$400.