1724 France silver Ecu

Paul writes: I have a coin, French I believe, Head to the right with LUD.XV D.G.FR ET NAV.REX the other side has 4 crowns arranged in a circle with 4 double L’s (one forward the other backward) separating them. SIT NOMEN DOM (upside down) ‘T’ BENEDICT 1724 with a little leaf after it. The coin is silver.

You have a 1724 France silver Ecu, “T” mint mark (Nantes-located on the West coast of France). The obverse show the laureate bust of Louis XV. Around is the Latin legend, LUD.XV D.G.FR ET NAV.REX (Louis XV King of France and Navarre). The reverse shows 4 crowns alternating with mirrored “L”s making a stylized cross, fleur de lis at center. The Latin legend around is, SIT NOMEN DOM(ini) BENEDICT(um) (Blessed be the name of the Lord).

The French monetary system was non-decimal:

  • 3 deniers=1 liard
  • 4 liards = 1 sol or sou
  • 20 sols = 1 livre
  • 6 livres = 1 Ecu (silver)
  • 4 Ecus = Louis D’or (gold)

Collector value depends on grade (condition). Approximate value range: $50 – $900.