1722 Great Britain copper farthing

Julie A. writes: I have researched this coin as far as I can. The closest I have come to identifying it in the books, I have is to say it is from Great Britian, might be a farthing, BUT since the book only shows the dates starting in 1730, I need your help. It is clearly a 1722, and has Georgius Rex on the obverse. There are no Roman Numerals with the name and the strike is much smaller than the diameter of the coin (as you should be able to see). I thought it would be easier to send attached photos of the coin for you to easily identify it for me.


You have a 1722 Great Britain copper farthing [4 farthings=penny], bust of George I facing right, GEORGIVS REX (King George) around. (You were looking under George II).

The reverse shows Britannia sitting on a rock, the shield of Great Britain to her left and holding a trident (a nautical symbol that represents Great Britain’s seafairing might).

A low grade piece as shown in your photo will bring about $3-$5 in a coin shop.