1192-1205 Venetian silver grosso

Karin S. writes: I have a silver grosso 1192-1205 of enrico dandolo, doge of venice and am trying to find more info and value. Thank you.

Venice was a “City Republic” at the close of the 12th century and issued its own coins. In 1192 the Venetian denarius was supplemented by the “matapan” or “grosso”, called so because of its larger size. The obverse shows St. Mark presenting a banner to the doge (mayor). There is a circular inscription that includes the name of the doge, H. Dandolo S M Veneti and the word “Dux” is vertically inscribed alongside the banner. The reverse shows Christ seated, the initials IC -XC on either side of his head.

Value depends on grade (condition) and type and whether the coin has been clipped (a common but illegal practice of clipping off a tiny bit of silver from any coin that one came in contact). Approximate range: $35 – $250.