$100 bill with a “partial wet ink transfer” error

Cody G. writes: The ink on this bill has smeared and bled through the bill. Watermark and all other security features are present. The only information I could find about this kind of error were websites about counterfeit money. Can you tell me what this error would be classified as and how much the bill would be worth? Thank you.

currency-error-partial-wet-ink-transferYou have a type of offset printing error specifically known as a “partial wet ink transfer.” Wet ink transfers happen when, in error, a sheet of currency paper does not enter the press, the inked printing plate will contact the impression cylinder. When the next and subsequent sheets enter the press, they receive both the intended printing on the correct side and an impression on the opposite side from the ink left on the cylinder. The transfer becomes lighter with each sheet and usually disappears within 8-12 passes. The first few passes have the boldest impressions of the error and they’ll bring higher prices.

Partial or incomplete errors occur when the impression cylinder receives just part of the design because of a tear or defect in a sheet of currency paper, thereby exposing only part of the cylinder to the ink. These partial transfers are worth less than complete wet ink transfers.

There’s not a lot of premium for wet ink transfer notes that are both partial and with a relatively light impression. I would estimate your note is worth about $105-110.